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Torrix Carp and Specialist Rods


The Torrix range includes carp rods and specialist rods from 10′ to 13′ The full list of test curves is listed below.

The introduction of Torrix was game changing for both Harrisons and carp fishing in general. Torrix has become our best selling range and one of the best selling premium carp rods ever. Torrix introduced our thin ply technology where light-weight, thin unidirectional carbon scrims are used. These are placed off axis to improve strength and control torque. The carbon  encircles zero axis high modulus fibres like a strong rib cage. A 1k woven carbon finish is applied to the butt section for toughness and good looks. The tip section is unidirectional carbon with carbon scrim for light weight and fast recovery. This makes for a high performance reliable and versatile range of rods that shrug off the effects of fatigue and will give years of use. All blanks and rods are made in the UK using the finest materials. There are several build options to choose from. Below is a table of sizes and power, and following that more information on build options and specific rods in the range. at the bottom of the page are some comments on specific rods in the range to help choose.

Test Curves and Lengths listed below
(Available as blanks or rods)

Legacy Torrix Carp

The Legacy Torrix build is Kigan 3D Zirconium guides, tied in black on a matt blank. A single silver band near the handle fisnishes it all off. The rods of 3.25 test curve and above are built with a 50mm ring set, one butt guide and 4 intermediates on the tip, to a 16, tip guide. The handle is abbreviated using a Fuji reel seat with bright hoods, stainless steel colars and buttons and a shrink rubber rear grip. Standard handle lengths are 26″ for 12′ rods and 27″ for 13′ rods.  The two “TE” models have full shrink handles. A timeless build that doesn’t show scratches and easily wipes clean.


Raven Edition Torrix

The Raven edition uses all black fitiings. A premium carbon fibre American Tackle reel seat, back delrin collars and buttons, with Black American Tackle Vortex guides. These rods are finished with smaller logos for an understated look. Lightweight Vortex guides have hard chrome centres and are lighter than lined guides. This makes the rod feel lighter and tip recovery faster.

Cork Handles

Cork is a popular choice on our lighter test curve Torrix rods. It looks good and is especially suited to rods that spend a lot of time in the hand, such as the specialist rods and stalkers. It can be combined with a bright hood Fuji or American Tackle reel seat but looks even better with and Alps matt black CAH reel seat.

Torrix Specialist Rods

The standard build for our specialist rods is cork handles bright Fuji reel seats and Kigan 3D guides. These full cork rods are factory built in Liverpool.



When is a stalker not a stalker? OK, so we call our 10′ and 11′ rods stalkers, but more are now used for static bank fishing on smaller waters than are ever used for quietlt stalking individual fish. That is why we offer two build styles. Conventional stalker style with a short handle and plenty of guides, or a longer handle and ringing like a 12′ rod with one guide on the butter, four on the tip, plus the tip guide. It is your choice.

The rods pictured here are custom built by John Rozier

Which Torrix?

The list above shows more than 20 different Torrix rods, So which is the right one for you? Let us focus on a couple of the best sellers in the range.

The Torrix 12′ 3 1/4 rod is the best all round carp rod. It can fish comfortably up to 120 yards in an average caster’s hands and a little more if you are a big hitter. It is not over-powerful when used at closer range and is forgiving with fish close in. We have a Special Edition “TE” model of this rod which has a modified tip for an extra few yards.

The next step in power is the 12’6 Torrix Special Edition “TE”, Not quite 3 1/2lb test curve and still a lovely playing rod, but it will help to get another 10 yards without much extra effort.

The 12′ 3 1/2lb Torrix is a powerful rod, suited to solid bagging. Test curve is an inexact measurement, and this rod would be better described as 3 1/2 plus. It also suits UK catfish fishing.

The rods from 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 are generally built as river rods for Barbel or as specialist rods for big tench. It is possible to order some of the range with two different power tips for changing conditions. For example, the 1 3/4 and 2lb share the same butt so you can have a 13/4 – 2lb twin tip. As a UK based maker we can talk trough the options if you give us a call. The 2 1/2 blank also makes a fantastic carp floater rod and can be built accordingly to order.