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Long Range Carp Rods

Rods for long range fishing are a big part of our business. These rods are also used succesfully in casting events and  the range can be a bit confusing. But before getting into the detail, a couple of points worth noting. Distance fishing rods are by their nature stiffer than close range rods and there is always a trade off betweeen close range fish playing action and distance casting ability. However, it is possible to reduce that trade off with good design, and that is what we specialise in.

As a general principle, we try to avoid over stiffening the butt of our long range rods. We aim to keep a little action and feel. This helps in many ways. It means we maximise the action with a fish on, we make the spring effect of the rod more linear, and importantly you can feel the lead better as the rod compresses. This aids accuracy and consistency. 

So lets dive into the range and start by dividing into two, long range and extreme range. Our normal long range rods are rods that are capable of fishing 150 yards plus. The two most popular are the Trebuchet Light 13 and the Aviator 13 Plus 2. Both are nominally 3 3/4lb. There are small differences and you can read about them further down the page.

These two are fishing rods first and long range rods second. The Trebuchet Light has been a proven long range tool for many years, and there is a Spod to match.

Above these, in the extreme range catergory, we have the Trebuchet UFR and the Aviator TE.  The UFR is a cult rod that has had great success on the casting field, but it is not for everyone.

The technical part of development is all done in the factory. It’s not just about action we also aim to control torsion with 45 degree fibres and other tricks. The designs then go to our casting advisors. Our primary casting consultant Valentin Illie, is a remarkable caster, and more than that he has drive and ambition to be the best. He can win a casting competition at the weekend, give feedback on Monday and we can make tweaks in rod design ready for the next weekend. This helps us stay ahead and demonstrates the value of UK production


Valentin (Sammy) offers tuition, his contact details are: Whats app 07460296009



Deflection Curves

The difference between the Aviator 13 Plus 2 and the Trebuchet Light 13’ is best illustrated by a graph.

This shows deflection under load of four rods including the 13’ Treb light and Aviators 3 ½ and Plus 2 3 3/4 . The most powerful rod is the lowest curve, deflecting least. The Treb light and 13’ Plus 2 are very close in action, the Treb Light being just a fraction more powerful. In practice the casting potential of the two rods is little different. The Aviator has weave to the tip which is slightly slimmer, and is a few grammes lighter.


Spotlight on the Aviator 13 Foot Plus 2

Last year we introduced the Aviator 13’ Plus 2 3 3/4lb test curve to fill the gap between the Aviator Plus 13’ 3 ½ and the Trebuchet rods. Without any significant marketing, mostly just word of mouth It has become one of our best selling rods. Here is some information that explains why.

The first thing I need to say is a general comment about 13’ vs 12’rods. By increasing length it is possible to create a rod that will cast further and yet not feel stiffer and our casting consultant Sammy, tells me it is a myth to think you have to be tall to cast a 13’ rod.

Like all the Aviators, the 13’ Plus 2 blank is hand made in our Liverpool factory. The top layer is 1k plain weave carbon all the way to the tip. Underneath that is a combination of Toray carbon fibre prepreg of three differing modulus. The highest modulus is in the butt for power, with intermediate modulus in the tip for more fish playing action. The bulk of the fibre runs along the blank in the zero axis and this is strengthened with lightweight thin ply carbon at 0, +45 and -45 degrees. Zero axis gives strength and the off axis, plus and minus 45 degree controls torsion.

The attention to detail of the blank design separates a Harrison blank from mass produced blanks.  We are always looking to produce a rod with a smooth curve, an action that even on the distance rods gives feel down to the butt. That feel helps with feeling the lead during the cast and of course feeling the fish when you hook in. The Aviator 13 Plus2 3 ¾ is a distance rod, yes, but is a beautiful rod for catching fish.  Below are a few comments, first from one of our team, Les Bowers.

“I’ve had these Aviator 13’ plus 2s a little while now and love them. I also have the 12ft version but needed to get a little extra distance and I didn’t want broom handles. The fish I’m fishing for fight like you wouldn’t believe when they get in close, hook pulls are a definite possibility if the rod isn’t forgiving. Using braided mainline makes this even more important. 

The carbon of the blank is slim but powerful. Don’t be afraid to wind these up for big casts, they manage it with ease. Although fast actioned, you can feel the bend right through to the butt. I had my rods built with ceramic guides for the braided main line with an Alps reel seat.

These are a perfect balance of distance casting and playing action. With these rods I have the chance of fishing some features just beyond the capabilities of my 12’ rods.”

So now a few words from casting champion Sammy. 

 I believe this rod and the 13’ Trebuchet Light are the best balanced rods when it comes to distance and fish playing. What I mean by that is you can chuck a lead a very long way while enjoying when playing a fish no matter the fish size.
Tournament casting with the Aviator Plus 2 I have made lots of casts over 240yards / 220+ meters with 4oz leads. Fishing wise I reckon I can cast anywhere from 180yards to 200yards. When I fished Lannis lake this year I had a rod out as far as it possibly could go and that was about 195yards when fishing with a 22mm boilie, so quite big baits. Average fisherman can expect to go up to 150-160yards with a decent technique on a 4oz lead + baited rig.”

Cotes et Lacs

Richard at Cotes et Lacs is based in France. He produces unique custom builds to the highest standard.

Calvin Hancock Custom Rods

Based in a bespoke unit near Stoke, Calvin can offer our standard blanks and some specials 0777 328 3737

Tony Kay Custom Rods

Tony is a versatile angler with an interest in catfish as well as carp. A source of good advice as well as excellent rods


Mark Tunley Custom Rods

If you want to learn more about Mark Tunley, search out his extensive youtube channel. A serious expert on all matters fishing and making rods.

Chris Sloman Custom Rods

Chris Sloman is based in Wales and is a very busy builder on our blanks. The picture is of a coloured specialist rod but he makes a lot of carp rods in a wide range of builds.

La Luciole

Pierre is based in France and works closely with us on rods for distance as well as main stream fishing. His work is of the highest standard.

Lee Preston Custom Rods

“I specialise in building bespoke, custom rods using the best components from Harrison Advanced Rods, Fuji, Alps, and Pac Bay. Using the rod builder tool you will be able to select the blank and components of your choice to make the rod of your dreams.”


You might know resilure as a builder of rather exclusive beautifully crafted lure rods, but Darren Keats also builds exceptional specialist rods on our Harrison blanks.

John Llewellyn

John Llewellyn has the Big Carp brand and is well know for bait as well as building rods. He is very well known in France which is where he sells many of his rods. He speaks fluent French. 

Broadland Rods

Colin Pitelen trading as Broadland Rods is a real craftsman making lots of accesories as well as rods. Based in Norfolk he builds predator rods as well as carp.

John Rozier Custom Rods

John started out doing repairs and has grown his business into a full custom service

Dave Lumb

If you are a predator angler you probably know Dave Lumb. He is unique amongst our customers in terms of the range of predator rods he offers.

Buzzard Rods

Buzzard rods are based in Leighton Buzzard and can offer all our popular rods custom built, but they do offer a lot of shorter and more portable builds that are not in the man stream if you are after something differebt.