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Harrison Rods –  Hand made in Liverpool

“My biggest worry is that when I’m dead, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it”

In the beginning there was Harrison Ballista, the ground breaking carp rod that set new standards in slimness and introduced overfit joints and high modulus carbon to the carp market. It is still popular, because of the unique combination of playing action and power. Ballista still sets the standard on slimness.

Harrison Torrix is the breakthrough rod that introduced thin ply technology with lightweight carbon scrims for faster actions and lighter weight. Available in lengths from 10′ to 13′ and a wide range of test curves, the Torrix range has a rod for nearly every carping application. 1k butt section and UD tip gives Torrix the unique look and fast tip recovery. As good today as when it was announced. 

Harrison Aviator is our premium rod for the 21st century combining all our experience and latest technology with 1k weave to the tip and a wide choice of lengths and power. The most popular models are the  all round 12′ Aviator Plus, and the amazing 13′ Plus 2, 3 3/4lb. A fishing rod first but 200yard plus capability in the right hands. 

Our Acurix range is rather special. An ultra slim range for fishing close to medium range. Three test curves at 12′, with the lightest, 2 1/2lb making a very nice Barbel rod.

Trebuchet is our distance range. Topped off by the Trebuchet 13′ UFR. Created for tournaments but gaining popularity for fishing at extreme range.

Below you will find more detailed information on each range to help choose the best rod. Finished rods are available with a choice of builds listed opposite. 

Choice of Builds

The Torrix rods illustrated and the rest of our range are available with a black “Raven” build which uses lightweight American Tackle Vortex guides, or an optional classic build with bright hoods and Kigan 3D Zirconia lined guides. There are advantages to both styles of guide. The lightweight Vortex will never crack and aid tip recovery due to their light weight. The Kigan guides prove toughest for abrasion resitance over years of use, even with braid.

To find out more about the range see the articles below.


The Harrison Range in Detail


The Aviator 12′ Plus is the rod that will cover 90 per cent of Carping. The test curve falls just above 3 1/4lb, we call it 3lb 6oz. It is a small step up in power from the legendary Torrix 3 1/4lb and offers an upgrade path if you want a little more distance. It has a 1k woven finish from tip to butt. It differs from the Torrix on the inside too. Made on different madrels with a faster taper tip, the very end of the tip is slimmer and more reponsive. The action is easy to cast and  the rod will fish at 120 yards plus. Like all our rods it has an action that brings feel to fishing. A careful choice of fibres means we optimise casting performance without losing feel.

The Aviator Plus has a popular stablemate of the Aviator Flex. The same tip as the plus is married to a slimmer easier actioned butt. It will play and land the biggest fish, but the balance of performance is tipped a little towards medium range.

All Aviator rods are built using the innovative Harrison thin ply technology, with designs focussed on every carping opportunity from margin to long range. Available in Legacy or Raven build.

The range is huge. Besidesd the rods above the rising star of the range is the Aviator 13′ Plus 2. When distance is your priority, this is the rod.  It compares closely to our 13′ Trebuchet Light with a slighlty faster tip and a few grammes lighter in weight.

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Torrix is another game changing rod from Harrisons. The pioneer of our thin ply construction, Torrix uses .03mm carbon scrims off axis in the tip to add strength and power and high modulus  The butt has carbon scrim plus 1k woven fabric top layer, and the actions are medium to fast. The perfect balance of casting and control. The most popular rod in the range is the 12 3.25lb. The perfect all round carp rod. The 12 3 1/2lb is a popular bagging rod and there are markers and spods to complete the range. The classic build of Kigan 3D guides with Fuji reel seat and abbreviated handle on a matt blank remains our favourite, but you can specify the “Raven” build option with American Tackle vortex guides and black carbon reel seat. Our Torrix rods are sold on performance and quality, but they also score well on value. Yes a British hand made Torrix rod can work out less expensive than many rods mass produced overseas. For that you don’t just get a rod with a huge reputation. You get the best after sales service should you ever need it.

The Torrix range starts at 10′ with rods in 2 3/4lb 3lb and 3 1/4lb. There are rods from 2 1/2lb to 3 1/2lb in the 12′ range, and don’t forget the 12’6 TE which is a blank tweaked for extra distance.

The Torrix range also includes a 12′ Spod rod. 

If you are not sure about what is right for you, you will not go wrong with the 12′ 3 1/4lb Torrix

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Trebuchet is our distance range. Named after the medieval siege engine that threw rocks against castle defences, the Trebuchet rod is a rod clearly focussed on long range.

Sweet spot in the range is the 13′ Trebuchet Light which dials back a little of the power in the standard Trebuchet to make it easier to load up during casting. Capable of over 200 yards on a casting field and used for fishing above 150 yards, the Trebuchet range includes a 13′ Spod with the same distance capablities.

Our distance rods are developed in the UK by collaborating with the best casters. The illustration is Valentin Illie, best known as Sami, testing rods on the casting field. We have developed a Trebuchet UFR rod for competition and that has produced many winning results in competition.

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llustration is custom build by Tony Kay. A personal favourite, this is the rod for those who do not follow the crowd. Our slimmest rod, with 1k weave to the tip, and an action designed for playing fish rather than long distance casting, This rod is available in 12′ 2 1/2lb, 12′ 2.75lb, and 12′ 3lb. If you fish less than 100yds this is the rod. For the 2023 model year the standard build is “classic”. Clear gloss blank, a coating that was evolved for racing yachts. Size 40 ring set, gunsmoke Kigan 3D and abreviated handle with optional full cork.