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Harrison Aviator


The Aviator range includes carp rods from 10′ to 13′ Including everything from the powerhouse 13′ Aviator TE, a beast of a distance rod, through to light 10′ rods with mellow actions. Most of the range consists of rods tuned for catching fish, not just casting, full ultimate fishing pleasure. The full list of test curves is listed below.

The Aviator Blank

The backbone of the Aviator range is the blank, made here in England. All Aviator blanks are made by one of four specalists who only make top quality carp blanks. True craftsmen with a lifetime of experience making high performance rod blanks. It is difficult to overstate how skilled a job this is. Each blank is made on our own bespoke mandrels from a stack of patterns as complicated as a Saville row suit. All cut by hand. The team can make this look easy, but like playing a musical instrument, it is only easy because they have learned the skill over many years.

Les Bowers bending into a fine fish on his Aviator 13′ Plus 2 rods ( 3 3/4lbs)

The Aviator range

Although the hands-on skill is very traditional, the materials themselves are anything but. At Harrisons we have cold rooms stocked with the best carbon fibre prepreg available, both in terms of the fibre and the quality of the impregnation. We use Toray raw materials for most of our production as they have always offered the finest flat uniform prepreg.  Especially important when you are using lightweight carbon prepreg down to 20 grammes per square metre.

After rolling the blanks they are cured in computer controlled ovens. This process combined with balanced designs leads to rods that will not fatigue and will perform the same at ten years old as they did on day one. Performance has been tuned by years of feedback and testing in a way that mass producers struggle to match.

Harrisons have always led the field on blank innovation and the Aviator continues this tradition. The Harrison objective has always been to produce a blank that delivers fishing pleasure as well as performance. In Aviator you will find a range of rods that will not just cast and play fish well but also deliver feedback and feel. And isn’t that the most important thing? The feel in your hand when playing a fish is what makes fishing with a rod and running line so special. 

Aviator blanks are finished in 1k woven fabric four toughness and looks, and ground to a natural matt finish that is scratch resistant and will look good for years.


Aviator Rod Specification

Finished Aviator rods are available in a choice of builds. Black raven build with lightweight Vortex guides or Legacy build with stainless collars and Kigan 3D zirconium guides. For other builds there is a list of custom builders we work with who can help. Here is a link. The black finish Raven Aviator is very popular but with so many custom builders out there you can choose so many options.  The standard blank is matt finished and the guides tied in black thread. Handles are abbreviated with a small dome on the butt of the 12′ and shorter slimmer rods. Custom rods can be specified with a clear gloss finish or tinted burgundy.


It is impossible to sum up an Aviator blank in a few words like progressive action, or high modulus. To do so would overlook the complexity and subtlety of the design. The zero axis fibres, those that run along the length of the blank are high modulus in the butt section and intermediate modulus in the tip. Around the blank we have thin layers of fibres to increase strength and control torque. These vary in angle from 90 to 45 degrees in different zones of different rods in the range. This is all encased in 1k woven carbon fibre. A typical Aviator blank is made from up to ten individual hand cut pieces of carbon and of three different fibre types.

Available rods come with actions which vary according to length and application. The longest rods for distance casting are the fastest action, whilst the focus of most rods in the range is feel and playing ability. These differences can be seen in graphs elsewhere. The basic philosophy is to be the best available blank without compromise.


Featuring Aviator 12′ Plus

The benchmark for modern carp fishing. The go to rod in the range. Perfect balance of fish playing action and casting. Designed for UK carping and adopted worldwide.

The 12′ 3lb 6oz test curve blank offers the perfect upgrade path from the 3 1/4lb Torrix. The blank is matt with matching weave tip and butt, made by hand in Liverpool. The action has power enough for fishing at 120 to 130 yards, but beautiful balance and action for medium and closer range fishing.

The factory rod comes with a choice of builds. The popular “Raven” has a black 1k carbon reel seat and American tackle Vortex guides. An abbreviated handle in Japanese shrink rubber. Delrin CNC collars and buttons. Delta ceramic lined tip guide and black whippings.

Also available with the “Legacy” build with Zirconium Kigan 3D guides stainless steel fittings and bright hooded reel seat.


New Aviator 10′ Spod

This compact rod has awesome power and has been cast 180 yards in testing. Avialable now as a blank and coming soon as a finished rod.


Featuring Aviator 13 Plus 2  3 3/4 lb TC

This rod leads the way in real-world distance fishing. A proper fishing rod anyone can cast and capable of fishing comfortably passed 150 yards. For more information on performance head to the distance rod page here.


My personal preferred build for this rod is with high stand off Ti Forged guides or Kigan ZD guides if you are using braid.

The performance lies close to our legendary Trebuchet Light in terms of power as can be seen from the power curves here on the left, but it has a little more initial flex due to a slightly slimmer tip. A few grammes lighter and half a mm slimmer

One of the best rods we have ever made. More about this and other distance rods here.



The Aviator Range

  • Aviator 10′ available in 2.75, 3, 3.25 and 3.5lb Test Curve and 10′ Spod.
  • Aviator 11′ available in 2.75, 3.25 and 3.5lb Test Curve
  • Aviator 12′ available in Flex (3lb 2oz) Plus ( 3lb 6oz) Plus 2 (3.5lb) Plus 3 (3.75lb) and Spod
  • Aviator 12’6″ available in 3.5lb and Spod
  • Aviator 13′ available in Plus (3.5lb) and Plus 2 (3.75lb) and Spod

The most popular models in each size are highlighted in bold red type.

For a superb all round rod we recommend the Aviator 12′ Plus and for distance the 13′ Plus 2. The 12’6 Aviator Plus (3.5lb) is the perfect blend of the two.

The picture shows three Aviators with optional  Alps CAH reel seats.

Standard builds are usually available from stock. Special builds such as the CAH are a special order only through cooperating dealers. Custom builds are available from our independent custom dealers here.

There is an Aviator for nearly all carp fishing opportunities. Below are links to main UK stockists.

Johnson Ross Tackle

Carp Scene


Angling Direct


Aviator 12' Plus 3lb 6oz with Legacy build

This picture shows the 50mm Kigan 3D guides on the Legacy build rods. These are our recommendation for braid as braid can pick up abrasive particles and the Kigan guides are the  most wear resistant we have ever used.

Aviator Stalker Legacy Build

This build option has bright hoods, Kigan 3D Gunsmoke lined guides CNC stainless steel collars and button.

Aviator Stalker Butt Grip

This is the 10′ abreviated handle. The 10 Aviators can be had in a stalking style with shorter handle and smaller 30mm ring set or built for long casts with a longer handle and fewer bigger guides.

Kigan 50 Butt guide.

The Kigan 3D Zirconia butt guide has a tough low friction ceramic lining held tightly inside a 3D gunsmoke frame. These are ideal for use with all lines but particularly braid which can pick up abrasive particles. We use these on our legacy Aviator build with stainless steel fittings.

12'6 Aviator Rod Top View

On the legacy build Aviator we use a Fuji reel seat. These flex with the action of the rod and hold the reel securely with their lined hoods. Fuji reel seats remain comfortable to the touch in all weathers.

12'6 Aviator Legacy Build Top View

The 12’6 Aviator Legacy Build has red tipping at the handle to set it apart from the Torrix. We appreciate some of you have different favourite colours so feel free to ask for an alternative if you want a special order.

Aviator Vortex Butt Guide

 The Raven build Aviators have American Tackle lightweight Black Vortex guides. These help the balance of the rod and speed recovery during casting. For braid we recommend a ceramic guide. 

Aviator Raven Build Reel seat.

The Raven build rods utilise a light and flexible American tackle 1K real carbon fibre reel seat. These flex with the movement of the rod and hold the reel extra tight. We have tested these on our tournament rods and they have proven poerfect to withstand the challenges of long casting..

Raven Butt Grip

All the Aviators come as standard with abbrviated handles. You can of course specify full shrink rubber if that is your preference.