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Harrison Specialist Rods

Chimera – GTi – Torrix


The Harrison story started with float and specialist rods. We have several brands that are permanently associated with big fish including GTi, Chimera, Torrix Specialist, Interceptor and Avon. These rods are used in pursuit of Chub, Barbel, Bream and other freshwater specimen fish.  We have developed these working with top names in catching fish and listening to feedback from you the angler. The range today offers great choice for rivers and still water.


The Chimera range was named after the mythical beast,  a mix of lion, goat and dragon. The Chimera rod has a distinctive 3k woven butt section and 1k and UD tip section. Three distinctive parts like the Chimera of Greece.

The range starts with an 11′ Chimera Avon. It is 1  1/4 lb test curve rod that bends through to the butt under load, yet feels crisp and well balanced in the hand. It is a fraction lighter in action than our popular standard Avon. It is only offered as a blank and makes the perfect small river rod.

The 12′ Chimeras are available as rods or blanks. the range consists of the Chimera  No 1 (1 1/2lb), Chimera No 2 (1 3/4lb), Chimera no 3 ( 2 1/4lb).  The No 2 is the go-to for most Barbel fishing and the No 3 a Winter Barbel rod for bigger leads. There is also a Chimera no 4, a 13′ Power rod to suit big leads on the likes of the tidal Trent. Mark Tunley is a regular custom builder on these Chimera and other Specialist blanks in our range.

Torrix Specialist

The Torrix differ from the Chimera in that they are slightly faster action and made with more high modulus carbon. These are popular on the rivers, but also ideal for long range fishing for Tench and Bream. The choice ranges from an 11′ 1 1/2lb to 12′ 2 1/4lb. Whether you want a rod for a small river and freelined bait or big barbel, there is something there The full list is below.

Our biggest seller is the Torrix 1 3/4lb rod that is a versatile river rod. The tip of the 2lb rod fits this butt so you can order a rod with two tips to cover more options. These rods are built with full cork handles, 18mm Fuji reel seats with bright hoods. The standard ring set is Kigan 3d zirconia, starting with a 25mm butt guide. The blank is matt finished and like all Torrix has 1k weave on the butt section and unidirectional finish on the tip.

The full Torrix Specialist range:

11′ 1 1/2lb, 1 3/4lb and 2.0lb

12′ 1 1/4lb, 1 1/2lb, 1 3/4lb, 2lb 2 1/4lb and 2 1/2lb

Our custom build partners Mark Tunley and Roger McCourtney are highly experienced builders of specialist rods.

Traditional Blanks

Our Avon, Stepped up Avon and 4 piece Avon are available as blanks in natural spiral unground finish, ground matt or clear coated. These blanks are more through action than the Torrix and this makes them ideal for shorter range work. It also means they have immense pulling power to handle big fish. Though designed with UK rivers in mind, the 11′ Avon have be known to handle big European catfish. 

Float Blanks

We started the company as a maker of float blanks. The GTi range are still available but we are also in the middle of developing a new range of float blanks for tackling bigger fish on light gear. We already have a 12′ 2 x Stepped Up and 13 Stepped Up, available now.