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Torrix - The story of the ultimate carp rod.


The Torrix  range have been both the hardest and the most rewarding rods we have ever designed. We do not believe in bringing out new models unless they are clearly different or better than what has gone before. I spend every day thinking about and designing carp rods, and I have and do work with many of the top names in carp fishing, but coming up with something really new is hard. Not for us the product each year with a new name on an old rod with a new colour or trim. I will not launch a new rod until it clearly has something more to offer. Chimera and Ballista may have been out a few years but improving on them has been very difficult. All around the world I meet anglers who are reluctant to change their ten year old Ballistas, but in early 2005 I developed a new way of rolling blanks that has helped me to launch a new range of world beating products. The Torrix development took a long time. It took me more than half a year to perfect Torrix working every day on the project. It would take the average rod company sourcing from China many times longer. What sets what we do here at Harrisons apart from most other carp rod brands, is that I can actually design and make a rod here on the premises. I can tape on rings and test cast it a few hours after designing it, and if it is good, get a batch of samples for test fishing produced in less than a week. This means that I can get more rod development and testing done in a month than most of our competitors can do in a year, and in six months I think we achieved an unbeatable result in Torrix that many others may well never be able to match. Several thousand Torrix rods on, I now have the feedback to know that the 12' 3 1/4 Torrix is the benchmark for the modern carp rod. As well as performance and looks it is also proving ultra reliable with the lowest breakage rate of any carp rod we have ever made. Compare that to other big name brands who buy in their rods from the far east and charge as much or more as this top UK made rod. There are other benefits to Harrison. We can offer spares for almost every rod we ever made, and because we do not change models each year and discount last years, your investment in new rods will be worth more for longer. 

So what makes Torrix different? I won't tell you all the trade secrets, but here is part of the story.

1. As a designer I am probably the most experienced carp rod designer in the trade.
2. My staff are not production workers but craftsmen.
3. We have some exclusive materials that are very difficult to source.
4. We have developed some new tapered tooling.
5. We have optimised the compression and tension performance with our mix of ultra lightweight high strength carbons and high modulus carbons.


Pick up a Torrix and the first thing you appreciate is the 1k woven fabric finish of the butt. 1k carbon is an expensive material, but it adds toughness without adding too much weight, so we use it a lot. The tip section has a little 1k at the joint, but the tip has a tough ribcage of carbon scrim on the inside and does not need the 1k all the way on the outside. In development we tried a 1k layer all the way to the tip because it looks so good, but in comparison with the tip without the weave, we could feel a little better balance and greater sensitivity in the latter, so we chose to go "naked" without weave on the tip.

The 3 1/4lb test curve Torrix is the best selling rod. It is slim, light, and when you swing a lead you immediately feel more in touch than with other rods. We ring it as standard with Fuji Sic double leg rings, but is also available from selected dealers with 50mm Kigan rings. I have chosen Fuji for the standard rod as they are viewed as the top quality product worldwide. Centres are hard wearing and more importantly light in weight. Genuine Fuji sic is lighter than comparable centres from other makes. In tests on grass we have got close to 200yds with top casters, so you can expect to be able to fish at distance easily. Every caster is unique so we won't mislead with any numbers, but I think you should be able to fish at greater range with Torrix than with any comparable slim, light carp rod, Sure it may be possible for the best casters to cast further with our Trebuchet and some extreme distance rods from other manufacturers, but Torrix is slim, well balanced and a joy to use and achieves as much distance as an extreme rod in most anglers hands. Optimised for 3 1/2 ounce, your choice of lead will be dependent on how you can power up a rod, but Torrix, though a great caster has some action through the butt that makes it less critical of casting technique. It is fast by our Ballista standards but does not have the premature lock up of some modern carp rods from competitors.

Lock up is something worth talking about. Different carbon fibres are described by their modulus. High modulus fibres generally have less strength and less stretch than the high strength fibres. There is a place for high modulus, and we use it a lot in Torrix, but we use it with some high strength material in our famous compression tension balance. That word "balance" is important. You can go too far with high modulus carbon, and many do. It is my opinion that the tendency for some makers to go to very high modulus is a mistake. Some of the current more expensive rods from the far-east are slim and light, but have premature lock up and low reliability. Not what you want in a carp rod. That is because Korean and Chinese designers are not always familiar with the size of the fish you catch and the leads you throw, and the UK angling consultants are not familiar with the limitation of the materials. Together the UK consultant and the Far East designer can end up developing a rod that is a camel when they really wanted a horse.

My view, is that Torrix has the best balance of high, intermediate and low modulus materials for the current state of the technology . Now I would say that wouldnt I? But you know, because I have a cold room full of carbon materials to choose from, and total control of the in-house production process, combined with more expertise in this game than most, there is no reason for me to settle for any less than the best design and production.

The Range

Available now, Torrix 12' 2 3/4lb, 12' 3lb, 12' 3 1/4lb, 12' 3 1/2lb All semi fast action. That is, good with a fish on, but great casters too. My pick, 12' 3 1/4.

We have a small number of dealers because this is an exclusive product made in relatively small quantity. Our dealers are good though. They know their stuff, most fish and can give you great hands on advice. Look at the dealer list and you will see dealers like Leslies who stock most of our standard rods, others like Planet Carp who have their own limited edition with 50mm rings, and others that can offer a full premium custom build. For more on custom build, click the link.

Custom build

Fishing With Torrix

I am the technical guru, when it comes to catching big carp, read the comments of big fish expert Martin Pick below.






Above, Martin with a French fish 43lb 8oz taken on his Torrix


Some Comments from Martin Pick

I have been asked to write a few words on my new Harrison Torrix rods now that I have had them a few months. 

I wanted a rod that was capable of casting very long distances whilst still having a reasonably forgiving tip for playing big carp with ease. It is very hard to find a rod that can do this as you usually either have a casting rod or a playing rod. I was told that the Torrix 12’ 3 ¼ would do the job, so that is what I have been testing. 

The lads at Harrison have been hard at work trying to make a rod that will accommodate for both situations in one rod, and have came up with what is an awesome range in Torrix. They have a crisp semi fast taper blank that looks great and is extremely well balanced. They can launch a lead ridiculously far but the rod somehow feels softer whilst playing big carp. 

So far in England I have landed five carp from a syndicate lake: two were mid thirty’s of 35lb 10oz and 36lb 10oz, and a couple of forty’s both weighing in at 41lb 6oz. There has also been a 28lb 6 mirror that I caught from Horton church lake on a tiny hook. All of these gave a seriously good account for themselves and the rods where certainly up to the job and all were landed with no problems at all. I also used them on a recent trip to France where  I fished a lake that was extremely weedy, some of the fish I had to land by boat, but most of them I managed to land on the bank by keeping the pressure on the rod until the fish kicked and worked its way free.  

I managed to catch  24 carp during the week, including seven thirty’s to 38lb, and a forty of 43lb 8oz. I only lost four carp due to hook pulls which is pretty good in such weedy conditions. To be honest I feel I would have struggled to land fish on rods any softer as the weed really was terrible  with a big balls of it on the line and making it harder to move. 

These rods are English made, so there is also the chance of having them custom built as an optional extra. The standard rod is excellent, but it is nice to know that my rods have been built just for me. 

I can honestly say that they are the best  all round rod that I have ever used and there isn’t a rod on the market that I would rather own.


Martin Pick Feb 06

Torrix Check List - Can the comeptition come close?
1 Steve Harrison designed
2 Hi-Tec, low resin blank with ultra lightweight carbon scrim and 1k fabric.
3 UK Manufactured
4 Genuine Fuji Sic Rings
5 Fuji Reel Seat
6 Stainless Collars
7 Superior build quality

Torrix come as standard with Fuji Sic, but can be fitted with size 50 Kigan ring sets as an option

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