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Carp Rod Selector 

All rods now come as standard with black whippings, matt blank finish, Fuji reel seats and Kigan 3D guides. We use Kigan because they have proven to be the most reliable guide we have ever used with strong hard wearing centres. We use Fuji reel seats as they flex with rod and hold the reel securely, not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer. For other build options, contact one of our custom rod builders. The rods below are a selection from our range, and represent our most popular models. All of the rods below make use of our research into thin ply carbon, and incorporate off-axis lightweight carbon scrims for strength and durability.

If you are confused by the huge selection we offer, then can we recommend Torrix 12' 3 1/4 or TE as the best all round rods on the market with the proven record of big fish.



The ultra slim rod for close to medium range fishing available in 3 tests curves. 2 1/2, 2 3/4 and 3lb. Perfect up to100yds or less. Beyond that, scale up to Torrix, but if you only fish medium range and smaller waters, the balance of this rod and the forgiving butt will be a pleasure to use. The 3lb rod is the most popular, but the 2 1/2lb is a favourite here in the factory.

Acurix 12 2.5



The UK's favourite top end carp rod. The 12' foot 3 1/4 Test curve has been our best selling rod for years and continues to sell because it is the perfect all round rod. Test curves in this range go from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2lb and we offer 12' 12'6 and 13' options. With the 12' 3 1/4lb. You can comfotably fish at 120 yds or more, but will feel perfectly happy on smaller waters. The illustration is a Torrix with optional cork. the standard rod comes with abreviated shrink wrap, and the TE model with full length shrink wrap. TE rods have modified tips for precision casting and a few yards more, with the Torrix 12'6 TE being the more popular.

TE are the initials of our casting copnsutant Terry Edmonds who helped develop this model. His personal rods have been used for both  fishing and casting instruction on a daily basis since they were first developed, and he has crammed into 8 years, more use and abuse that most rods will ever see, proving the tough reliable nature of these legendary blanks.

Torrix blanks are finished with a 1k plain weave on the butt section and unidirectional carbon on the tip. Matching Spod, Marker and landing net handle also available.

Torrix with optional cork


Our new baby. In 12' the Aviator falls in either side of the 12' 3 1/4lb Torrix. The Aviator Flex has a slim and more forgiving butt for soaking up the lunges. We give it a 3lb 2oz test curve. The Aviator Plus is 3lb 6oz, and can punch a bait a little further than the Torrix 3 1/4, but manages to do that without needing extra effort from the angler. This rod was designed to be easy to cast by normal anglers on the bankside.

We have now added a new Aviator Plus 13 to the range. Some say it is our best ever rod, hitting a sweet spot between distance and action and It is turning into one of our hottest sellers. Again, this gives extra distance to the average angler, and loads up gently without punishing less than perfect timing. The more skilled will see even bigger distances. We designed it to slot into the gap in our range between Torrix and Trebuchet Light.

The Aviators have 1k weave to the tip and we offer a cork handle factory option on the 12' Flex. the rod pictured has cork, the standard rod has a shrink wrap handle.

Aviator blanks are finished with a 1k plain weave on both the butt and tip section.

Aviator flex

Aviator plus


Trebuchet is our big beast, and is available in 12' and 13' with standard "power" and Trebuchet Light options. The Light model in 13' is the most popular rod in the range, producing huge casts on the field, and proving the most capable distance rod on the bank. The term "Light" has to be seen in context. The light rod is more powerful than any Torrix or Aviator we make.

Trebuchet 12

And finally, an example of some custom built Aviators with matching net by Eaton Rodcraft to give you a taste of what is on offer.

Eaton Aviator Customs