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Products ( Part2 )

Interceptor Specimen Rods

The three rods listed below are available now as rods or blanks. They were developed after careful trials and are all built using high quality fittings on unground HR40 blanks. They offer extremely good value for money and are aimed at the experienced specialist who does not succumb to whims of fashion, but demands performance and value. They fill the gap between the light carp rods we make and the rods designed for match fishing.

Long Range Interceptor

12 Foot two piece 1 lb 12 oz Test curve. Seymo rings, Abbreviate Duplon handle, Fuji NPS fitting.

This rod was designed for long range bream fishing. It has a very slim blank diameter of only 12.5 mm at the handle. It was designed to cast 1 to 1 1/2 oz bombs 100 yrds, with a crisp action that can easily take up a long line and plant the hook. However this is not a fast taper rod but a true compound taper with the ability to control and subdue the most stubborn fish.

This rod is ideal for both big tench and bream, taking big chub and barbel from rivers.

Medium Range Interceptor

12' Foot two piece 1 lb 10 oz. Seymo rings, Cork handle, Fuji NPS fitting.

This rod is slightly lighter and slightly tippier than the long range rod. Still capable of casting 80 yrds, but designed for Bream and tench at closer range. The tip is sensitive enough to flick small baits and leads, and float tackle could also be used with this rod.

Interceptor Specimen Float

12' 9" Three Piece. Full cork handle, John Roberts Fittings and Seymo RDX rings.

This three piece float rod has been developed from our well proved SU Float. At 12' 9" and three piece it has the familiar feel of a float rod, but packs reserves of power with big fish attached. Although conceived for the specialist angler, there is obviously a use for this in match fishing carp waters where this rod has the power needed to speed up fishing.



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