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Background information on our float rod range:


Taken from our Diary: The first place to look for the latest news.


Date: Thursday 16th December 1999

An interesting enquiry about float rods, from angling writer Alan Tomkins, had me thinking that we do not market these rods well enough. We regularly get customers complaining they cannot find them in the shops. Problem is the tackle trade is oversupplied in the UK just now, and although we make fantastic products, we can be a bit weak on sales and marketing. So let me run through some of the rods we make for float fishing, and if you are interested, contact me, Steve Harrison, or your local dealer.

I will start with the range of Gti rods. These are lightweight match rods, but with the emphasis on catching bags of good fish. They are well balanced but have the power to control a waggler at a distance, and the speed to play or swing in fish quickly when you have a winning peg. Although we label these match rods, they are the ideal rod for all round float fishing. We make them in lengths from 12' to 20'. Although 13' is the most versatile, and has been the most popular, selling more than all the other sizes put together, current enquiries focus more on the longer rods.


Up to 15', the rods are available in three sections, 17' and 20' are in 4 sections. The twenty foot rod is like all the rest of the range, well balanced, powerful and a proper fishing rod. Not an adapted pole with rings put on! You can also buy the 20' with a shortened handle, to make 17' /20' combination.

Other float rods we make are the 11'6 Match Special, and the 12'9 Interceptor. The latter rod is for bigger fish, it suits stronger lines 2lb to 6lb, but retains a fine balance, only fractionally more weight   than a Gti.. There is also a 13' version of this, which is known as the 13' SU float.

Recently we have introduced a 15' SU, which is awesome. Light, well balanced, and just the rod for a days Barbel float fishing when that extra length is needed.

Over the Christmas period we will try to add some more technical information on all our rods, but in the next few days we are little bogged down in the rush to complete production work for Christmas. 

Review of 15' Match Rod from


I've used this marvellous rod for 2-3 seasons now, mostly legering or trotting/trundling for barbel & chub, or trotting for big recently it has proved its worth as a still-water tench float rod. I have nothing but praise for this superbly versatile through action rod. I've used it extensively trotting for roach, but more especially for legering for barbel & big chub where the extra length helps keep the line off the water in fast flows, allowing you to fish with a minimum of lead. Makes a great rod for trundling baits too. It is equally at home with lines down to 2.5lb in roach fishing line as with the much heavier lines used for barbel. It will handle double figure barbel and big chub comfortably without over-tiring the fish (I have had barbel to 12.2 and chub to 6.6 on the rod, as well as roach to 2lbs, and more recently some good tench on float tackle. Good for roach yes, but definitely a big fish rod. One of the best all round rods I've ever used. Price & Availability: Contact Harrisons of Liverpool - the rod now costs around 150 . rodpeb.jpg (24311 bytes)
Alan Tomkins  

 Correspondance Q and A:

Which Float rod?


Dear Stephen Harrison

I float fish small streams / rivers for trout to 2lb.

Currently using 13ft fibreglass Hardy Matchmaker.

I recently spotted a GTI 13ft match rod in a Carlisle shop and liked the look of it.

I will buy similar 12ft or 13ft carbon rod as soon as I can make an educated choice.

However, having come across your excellent website, I see that there is an Explorer float rod which might be even more suitable for my needs.

Is this a lighter (in terms of test curve) rod than the GTI.

Is it 2 piece or 3 piece.

What is the difference between hollow and spliced tip. Is there a difference which would be of importance to me?

Which of your retailers will have both the Explore and GTI models for me to compare?

I look forward to your producing a catalogue.

Best regards..

Kit Wilkinson


Thanks for the enquiry.

The Explorer and GTi are not easy to compare in terms of test curve, as both have similar top sections. In fact the explorer could be described as very like a 14' GTi with a short handle. The explorer feels to have a little more power and control low down, and is a good rod for handling quality fish. The GTi, will probably be the better rod for fishing a waggler a ta distance.

Spliced and hollow tips are the same apart from the last two feet. The spliced have a more flexible solid carbon tip. This allows the rod to flick out smaller floats, and acts as a cushion to striking with very light lines.

In terms of comparison, the Anglers Workshop, Stoke on Trent are specialist rod builders who use our blanks for a variety of specialist float rods. They should be  worth a try.

Hope this helps?

Steve Harrison

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